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Contest “Parents/Children” sponsored by the famous brand of children’s care and clothing products “Bonpoint”  from 2nd February to 3rd March 2012.

  • Each participant, who must be a parent and his children, can send a photo of them.
  • “The better staging will win many product of the brand and one day in the ephemeral children spa, which is create for the occasion in the boutique of the Madison avenue in NY during the contest.

A wonderful occasion to profit to an enjoying moment of happiness after the Celebrations.

Contest Rules : No nude photos or sexually explicit content will be considered.Each participant must give an e-mail address or telephone number valid where they can be reached.Each photo will have to in color and send before the 3rd March 2012, date of the closing contest.


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The ten Strengths of Children spa

1. Help children to take care of their skin with professional advices

2. Permit to parents to go to the spa with their children

3. Permit to brands to improve their notoriety about the children’s product less famous than products for adults.

4. Permit to show to children new product more adapted to them.

5. Play and famous activity

6. Permit to teach parents the good gesture for the wellness of their child.

7. Innovative project = new consumers for the stores and spa

8. Good communication about new product = Permit to show the products and their good properties because the products are directly use by the consumers.

9. Pleasant space

10. original experience

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How to choose an appropriate product for your children

It’s important to use a product adapted to the children skin because, a bad product would be very dangerous and would damage his epidermis.

So some rules must be respected :

1. Know the nature of your children skin in order to use the good product. In fact products are adapted for each kind of skin and it’s important to use the appropriate product.

  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Mixt skin
2. Always choose a product without alcool because alcool in too strong for the sensitive children skin.
3. It’s important to regularly change of product because if a product is use too often, its efficacy is less and less important. 

The children skin is a little known subject . Unless it’s very important to respect some basic point before testing a product on your child. 

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Baby Touch

“A light and delicate eau de toilette for mothers and babies
Rhubarb, orange zest and madarin blend with gentle verbena and spearmint to form the fresh top notes
Warm floral heart notes of cyclamen, orange blossom, lily of the valley and jasmine
Soft moss, sweet vanilla and milk compose the base notes of this soothing fragrance”

Baby Touch is a tender and delicate fragrance for babies that emphasizes the values ​​of tradition and family dear to Burberry. The bottle wrapped in a soft terry cloth pouch takes the form of a coil of wire witha rounded base evoking a toy rocking. In addition to that the white cap, shaped like a daisy is decorated with a ribbon.

I love this perfume, the design is very cute and give us the desire to buy the perfume even if we are not a child.

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10 best brand of care and beauty children products

1. Leonor Greyl;

2. Bonpoint;

3. Tartine&Chocolat;

4. Le Bon Marché;

5. Burberry;

6. Clarins;

7. Sephora;

8. Avon;

9. Jacadi;

10. Kaloo

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Children Hair Care

Formulated with genuine orange blossom water, this hypoallergenic product cleanses and protects baby’s skin and hair without stinging the eyes.Soft and gentle compact foam, this product is particularly simple to use and does not run during application. It rinses easily and leaves baby’s skin and hair softer, suppler and delicately scented

Leonor Greyl is a word renowned brand specialist in hair treatment, it’s a benchmark in hair care domain. All product are conscientiously study for to do of their the best products of hair care domain.

Children hair care is more important because the baby skin are very delicate so it’s very sensitive. Therefore it’s important for parents to take branded goods like Leonor Greyl. Moreover the children hair care it’s a delicate point, because each baby differently react to care products, so more and more institutes propose specific children hair care along with advices. In fact the children institute expand more and more.

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The love can start with a cream

Created in 1975 by Marie-France Cohen, Bonpoint propose since 2010 its first ultra-natural and hypoallergenic skincare line specifically designed for the very sensitive and fragile skin of the youngest children.

The new light and unctuous body cream nourishes, soothes and protects babies delicate skin leaving it soft and satin to the touch. The child’s skin immediately regains a feeling of comfort and softness and is lastingly protected against irritation and dryness.96% of ingredients have a natural origin and respect the skin PH.

ith this line of product the littles children are spoil yet, in my opinion this products are like jewellery, in fact their odor and their texture are engraved is our memory for ever and remind us the softs moments of our childhood.

Moreover this product are top notch and the designed is often uncluttered and simple and are totally appropriate to décoration of the baby’s bed room.

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A children’s paradise in a luxury department store in Paris.

Le Bon Marché, the luxury department store the most select of Paris launch the new concept of children’s spa at the basement of the store. A place who doesn’t have finish to surprise…


  • žA children spa
  • Age brackets : 6 – 16 years old
  • A place where teens and children would receive special cares, adapted to their age needs
  • žIt would be an entertaining way for them to discover spa
  • žEvery Wednesday, there’ll be a special mother and daughter day
  • žThe products would be created by our professionals and will be present in prestigious children selling places

  • žIncreasing need for parents to give their children what they have for themselves
  • žParents who want an exceptional and luxury place for their children, with adapted products to the children skin
  • teenagers under 16 are not allowed to enter spas and they feel excluded from the “wellness world”


  • žWealthy parents (CSP +)
  • Urban young parents, looking for exceptional place
  • Trendy parents
  • žChildren from 6 to 16 years old – mostly girls
  • 6 – 10 years old : Special day on Wednesday with special activities
  • 11 – 16 years old : this is the core target. Special classes  for them and also presence of dermatologists

  • Luxury departement store : Le Bon Marche wich is a trendy , luxurious and avant-gardist place

The mission of Le Bon Marché is to propose adapted cares and entertaining activities for children and teenagers to discover relaxation, beauty habits and natural ways to respect his/her young skin through special activities run by professionals. The Spa will open in january 2012 at the same time of the back to school after Christmas holidays. In a first time the Spa is going to have a partnership with luxury brands who launch children product like Nuxe, Dior etc.

Le Bon Marché is an amazing and magic department store, the place is wonderful and the product very good and of the premium quality. The launch of this concept is a new way for it to prove its superiority in term of marketing, communication and of course client’s wellness.

All in this article is a fake is for the need of the class.

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The first scent of life

Tartine&Chocolat is a french store dedicated to the world of childhood, emphasizingthe spirit of beauty, chic and timeless. Created in 1977 by Catherine Painvin the store has become the leader on the upscale gift market for children.

The new fragrance of The line “Ptisenbon” was created from a pure and delicate fresh smell, it perfumes the little ones lightly. This is a product without alcohol respectful to children’s skin. The fragrance fresh and faint, reminder to parents the wonderful years of childhood.

The “Ptisenbon” line is especially create for the children and it propose a wide range of product; lotions, hair and body shampoos, soaps and of course a perfume of great sweetness.

For me it’s the best perfume for the littles, maybe because i wore it for the long time.

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The concept of children’s spa

The concept is an fun initiation for children for  the skin and  body treatment with dedicated products. The children’s spa has been launched in Canada for the first time by “In Spa Cosmétiques”, and is developing into french luxury hotels. It allows children to come with their parents into the spa activity thanks to parents/children option.

the products used are adapted to child’s skin, and the play activities that are proposed, teach to  children how to take care of their skin and their body, thanks to professional advice like dermatologist, beautician, ophthalmologist…These kind of spa propose products of children hair care too.

The activities can be different according the age of the child. Indeed a five year old child has a different approach than a thirteen year old one. However the treatment’s carte is attractive for all ages : sugar and vanilla chiropodist, milk bath with strawberry or candy floss, nail varnish with glitters for the girls, pirates package for the boys… anyway a little paradise for the children!

Never the less the concept raises some concerns among the parents because of the misinformation.

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